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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday May 26th

Report by Emily

Frank: Saturn
Janet: Limey
Brad: Eric
Riff Raff: Daniel
Magenta: Bizah
Columbia: Amy
Eddie: Charles
Dr. Scott: Marc (for the first time ever)
Rocky: Wes
Crimmie: Preston (for the first time ever)
Transies: Star, Cecile, Manda, Josh, Nathan, Sean, Jeremy, Tora, Mary, Jenn, Squid
Tech: Beth, Emily, David, Paul, Donna, Bobcat, Charles, Preston, Chewy, Cody
Floorwalkers: Wolf, English, Chewy, Cody
Trixies: Emily, Halo, and Madame Leah
So, the show started with sexy dancing by the lovely Madame Leah, the outrageous Miss Halo, and the always sensual Emily. You missed some pretty hot stuff. Virgin games consisted of unraveling condoms with one’s mouth….it was fairly entertaining with some good work on the part of the virgins. Oh, Bizah showed us her tits….then Emily pulled her corset down for a flash of tits.

Once again, the lips started singing and it was good. Eric amused me as Brad since it’s the first time I’ve seen him do it. He is so tall though…hard to keep the spot off the screen with tall people *cough* English *cough* Eric *cough*. Not a whole lot happened….or maybe it did….but I was really just making sure that spots looked decent. People were fucking with transies during Light at the Frakenstein Place. I kept screaming for the transies to rack the people fucking with them, but no one listened….I was sad (in my non-existent pants). Wes made a cute little Rocky.

But I can’t remember a whole lot until my personal favorite part of the show…also I bet it was a lot of people’s favorite part of the show: Touch Me. It started out innocent enough…there was an English hand talking for Limey’s vagina. Then Wes ran away from the tank and try to get in with Bizah and Amy…So Emily ran down there and shoved him out of the way. Then Emily got to be molested by two hot women and her corset slowly came off….it was pretty fucking hot…if you missed it you are so stupid.

My next favorite part was Amy showing her tits for her My God speech. And then right after that I noticed that Bizah had Cecile’s shirt off and was working on the bra….it almost stopped there, but then Cecile took pity on us and we got a look….it was sexilicious!

The rest of the show was your standard Rocky sexy…I know…I really only focused on the tits….shows where my mind is at right now. YAY TITS!

Well, I will stop rambling now. GO TO AKON ON FRIDAY! IT WILL BE AMAZING! Come to the show on Saturday too!


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