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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday July 24th

Audience Participation Luau/Beach Theme

Report by Jeremy

F : Wes
J : Amy
B : Fish
R : Marc
M : Mary
Co : Lyndi
Dr : Gus
Ro : Napoleon
E : Charles
Crim : Spidey Paul
SA : Scott
SB : Bizah
Board : Nuggett
Sound1 : Sean
Sound2 : Danny
G1 : Napoleon
G2 : Chris
G3 : Charles
G4 : Britt
Props : Eris
FW1 : Gus
FW2 : Jeremy
FW3 : Charles
FW4 : Sean
PreShow1 : Britt
PreShow2 : Wes
Virgins : Mary
Show Report : Jeremy
Piccies : Donna
T1 - Abby
T2 - Adrienne
T3 - Ashley
T4 - Austin
T5 - Britt
T6 - Chris
T7 - Gussie
T8 - Jery
T9 - Jon
T10 - Kyle
T11 - Megaaaan
T12 - Pete
T13 - Rachel
T14 - Rex
T15 - Snowflake
T16 - London
T17 - Hary

So this Saturday was our Audience Participation Luau/Beach Theme show. This was a notable show for several reasons, namely it was Gus' first time as both a floor walker and as Dr. Scott. Also, old school regular audience member Spiderman Paul was in town and he ripped up Crimmie for us this week! Neat ;D

So many a boobie was seen up on the box and the Trixies and some audience shook it. Then rules began and eventually Leah took the box to make some announces. Wes manhandled her, as he is his usual activity. The virgins got fucked with and then swore in and some Lips were then on everyones cock apparently. This kinda scares me because I know where a lot of those cocks have been.

Kyle had a little dinosaur floaty-ring thing which Danny somehow stole and desecrated later in the show which I found highly amusing.

Charles decided not to chase the transies as Eddie and waited down stage, pretending to check his watch for timing, which I also found amusing.

Jery rocked the Shimmy Midget like she generally does when she's a transy. Britt was Charles Atlas in what appeared to be nothing but stretches of yarn wrapped around him. That image will never burn itself out of my brain.

Then Riff went all Ghetto rapist on errbody, so hide your kids and hide your wife.

I'd like to just say in closing that our audience fucking rocks and thank you guys so much for putting up with our sound issues. <3

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