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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday March 6th

Transie's Eye View. Mostly bellybuttons.

Report by Jery

Hi! I am Jery! I am the smallest Transie. Or the smallest Spot. Basically if there is a blank spot where you don't see anything, that's probably me. :)

Frank: Britt (Yay! First time!)
Janet: Ashley
Brad: Wes
Riff: Gus
Magenta: Amy
Columbia: Lyndi
Dr. Scott: Charles
Rocky: Sean
Eddie: Mary
Crimmie: Mike

Chris, Cody, Eris Fish, Jery, Jon, and Paul

That's all you care about, so moving right along!
Dancey dance, come in and sit. Talkey talk, rules. I like Mary's selling pitch; "GIVE ME A DOLLAR" "*scared audience* O-okay...*Hands a dollar*" "*Mary hands them a glowstick/Button depending on supply*". It works wonders on stubborn crowd. More talkey, then games! Yay Lyndi, you yell into that microphone! DO IT! Cucumbers look like penises, hee. Moving on, Chant, and then...Opening Dance time! I...forgot my Jacket. I haven't Transied in a month and I was running around, I'm sorry! I got one halfway, and I didn;t mess up Too bad, and it was really funny, anyway. Rocky tried to put babies up Janet's Dress. It was a funny show, really, I enjoyed it. So, picture show. Ran to get my Jacket, cause I have the Brains, and stood way in the back for picture, making bunny ears over Eris. Disperse! There was almost no competition for the bouquet, and I still lost! Every week, dammit. Some Talking, some singing, some funny looks on Wes' face. Crawling around on the floor, like Transies do. Flowers! More crawling. Car scene, Brad's shouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. Very not safe, might run over an audience! Anyway, now is time for trees! Oooh, I am a spooky tree that will whack you on the head, very often, and on very specific cues, OOooooOOoH! There's a Liiiight. (Transies that won't run shouldn't be up at the froooont) There's a Liiiight. (Picking Cody up was Funny) There's a Light, A Light! (Now we run like hell, or we get yelled at!) There's...things going on here, but I am presently backstage, so...
Going out for Time Warp! There was 8 of us, which is an ungodly Small number considering out usual mass. So, space out properly and don't hit me in the head! (Snap snap snap) It's astounding, Etc. I don't know what was happening, cause I was dancing like a good drone, but we were getting yelled at like crazy, so Someone must have been failing pretty awesome. Dance Dance, Yeah! Boobs coming out of Bra, no likey, though bounce kinda cool. Fall on the floor and fix boobs+pants. Say! *gasp* One of you guys know how To Madison? *Insert Brad doing weak-ass Macarena here* Oh! Oh! Frank's about to make his entrance! *bounce and scream and flail* YAYY! His hair was, Fluff-Tastic! Singing, Walking, Insults, and Fabulousness! Backstage, press self against cold wall, waiting, and....GO! Watching, clapping, Talking (Good job on speech!) More Clapping. Tank Scene. Dancey. Back by Tank! *Gasp* ROCKY! Singing! I am always really scared that all our Rocky's are gonna die a tank-related death. Singning. THAT AIN'T NO CRIME! Then...Spin the Rocky, watch him go, where he'll stop, who the frik knows! Watching them run like crazies aaaand, back on the Tank! Tap tap tap. They both don't have Muscles, so she can have her pick! Seal of approval. Rocky's face for pommel horse was..fantastic, truly. Some spanking, then FREEZE.
Stay frozen stay frozen, don't watch the Eddie, Then Dance! (transies's do a lot of dancing) Hot Patootie! No lift? *sad Face* Never Fear! Charles is Here! Charles does the lift, probably scaring Lyndi to death, and then step/kick, and Ruuuuuuun! *pause* then Ruuuun some more! and then Death. Dead dead deadsky. Frank Running, some talking, and a Frank I can be Midget to! *wiggle* And SCENE. From here out it will be more blurby.
Sheets! I was right up on them so I cannot comment on the shadows, but from my view seemed pretty funneh. *Leah whipping Frank with Tree, How was there no racist joke here, HOW?!* NOOO Don't Fluff the Hair, Janet! *hiding, no get hit by a Rocky foot, please not get hit* Scream Brad, Scream like a pansy! Tank scene, which...I wasn't paying attention to <_< (I was watching Maggie+Columbia, in true spot habit). Creature of the night! Whip scene was happenin' and Dr. Scott! He...he's asleep! WAKE UP! Then Roll Call, and some Crim Talk, and straight into Dinner! CANDY! (Not Condoms) CANDY! Singing and some bopping and some clapping and NO Celery! Scream and Bounce and Boobies and then.....Benny Hill Crazy Silly Run Time! It was actually super funny this time. My Shoes! My Wheels! Glued to the Spot! Yadda Yadda, Hot Dogs! Some Rubbing (RUB ON JANET MORE, FRANK, RUUUUUB!) and some singing and some Unhappy Columbia-ness, then I was backstage again, making the peoples not Naked! Which is always special in it's own way. Red = Right. Floor shows were happening but I wasnt seeing, as I was chilling with Frank. Jealous? Yeah, you should be. The rest of the Night was Viewed from the Tank, so it was a good view of a Rocky/Janet Butt for a while. Whatever DID happen to Fay Wray? I bet she went to Canada. You should totally Be it, not just Dream it. It so is his pool. He owned it, he worked it, they kicked it, and then there was a Gun pointed at him! Suuuuuck. So what does he do with said gun in his face? Sing. That's logical. Doesn't end very well though as he has to DIE! As they always do. Columbia first, though. Brad and Janet ran away and shirked the blame! Dr. Scott had to roll away by himself, while they went and sang in audience laps/faces. Those bitches. IT WAS EMPTY FOR SPIN THE WORLD! (neat) And then some Crim Talk, and Lights Out! (meaning)

You asked for it and you got it, I have now unleashed upon you the world of what I see every show. BASK IN IT. Bask I say!...Oh, look, Video Games...*distracted*

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