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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday November 15th

Taco Show

Report by shannon

Hidy ho neighbor! This is Shannon bringing you haps on the show that you're reading about...which If I'm not to mistaken is November 1 8th year of 2000. The show was pretty much business as usual...EXCEPT for the Tacos. Yes. I said Tacos. Now for those in the know you're probably wondering "what'd Jason do THIS time." Well it wasn't necessarily him thats done it. See for awhile now Jason has been proclaiming himself as the Taco King and demanding tacos as a tax. So Donna, being the awesome that she his, went to Taco Bueno and purchased thirty party tacos. Mike and I were with her. The exchange was beautiful.

Donna: I need thirty party tacos. (keep in mind this is 1030 at night)

Cashier: Uh... o.O Okay. (looks a bit BUH...but handles it real well!)

Donna: It's for a prank.

Cashier: *brightens* Really? Do you want them in a box or individually wrapped?

Donna: Individually please.

So all in all it was a pleasant shopping experiance that resulted in Mike and I having very sad stomachs after we ate something not Tacos from Taco Bueno. Maybe it was the Taco God's punishment. Who knows? The Shadow. That's who. So yes, pre-show dance party per the norm. Then Puttin on the Ritz (by Taco....) plays and Jason and Starman take the stage. By that time most of cast has assembled in a corner and are grinning rather maniacally. Jason is given a box and one by one cast members walk by and place a taco in the box. He is also presented with a Taco Crown and Scepter, making it all official like.

Show goes on per the norm. Many things about Tacos were said. We did learn that (as far as Halo's concerned) Shannon Boobies win out over Jason Tacos. I beat Jason! Bwahaha...

Other than Taco Mania there wasn't really anything else of note...mostly my fault. I was floorwalking and fighting Death Stomach of Doom (tm). It was making the angry, grumbly noises.

Remember folks! On the 22nd of November we will be having our Black and White Masquerade Show in honour of our 4th year back at the Ridgmar! And coming December 13th the Mel Brooks Show! Men in Tights! Women in Tights! Yea...yea...what else is new? Uhm...

OH! Keep yourselves tuned to the main page news. Soon as I figure out how, I'm going to post my thirty minute interview with Halo, Ashley, Saturn, Jason, Donna, and Mike. All about them. oh yes. It was done for Radio School. I graduate January 9th. Anyone know of any radio stations hiring? Wark!

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