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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday April 5th

Report by Madame Leah

Frank- Nathan
Janet- Limey
Brad- Wes
Riff- Bizah
Maggie- Emily
Columbia- Leah
Dr. Scott- Starman
Rocky- Halo
Eddie- Cody
Crimmie- Saturn
Transies- Mary, Chelcei, Sarah Beth, Twitch, Fred, Scott, Jackie, Squid, Pete, Stefanie
Spot A- Ray
Spot B- Walker
Board- Donna
Sound- Daniel, David
Tank- Paul, Robert, Marc, David
Floorwalkers- Starman, Emo, Cody, Marc
Pre-Show- Mike
Show Report- Mike
Piccies- Mary
Absent- Reah, Sean, lots of Scarbie people…

This marks the beginning of Scarbie season, aka Scarborough Faire Season, where many of the cast members will disappear for several months on end in order to sleep and prepare for the wonders of Scarborough.

You really should go if you have not been before.

No, really. It is fun! And the food is delicious! I love eating, it is really my favorite thing to do. Every time I go to Scarbie I stuff myself until I am positively ill. It is amazing and wonderful.

And then there are the Corsairs, whom I worship.

I would tell you all about what happened at the show tonight, but my head is full of pirate songs. Judging from the lineup, they couldn't have fucked it up too badly. Then again, sometimes I am wrong. LOL!

I love being mentally ill sometimes.

The pictures are there, though, right? Hee hee hee...see you next week, Rocky Sluts!

~Madame Leah

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