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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday December 29th

End of Year Show

Report by Madame Leah

Frank- Squid
Janet- Shannon
Brad- Danny
Riff- Amy
Maggie- Saturn
Columbia- James
Dr. Scott- Cody
Rocky- Limey
Eddie- Jen
Crimmie- Halo
Transies- Mike, Marc, Kate, Katie, Cecilie, Tora, Sarah Beth, Chelcei, Jackie, Nathan, Josh, and Wes
Tech- Scott, David, Mary, Preston, Cody, Bizah, Mike
Floorwalkers- Starman, Animal, Cody


You might notice or think that the lineup is all jacked up. Weeeeeeelllllllllllll, that's cause it IS! Since this was the end of the year show, I decided that it would be fun to abuse the cast as I do every now and again, and switch the lineup 5 minutes before the show starts. I like to do these things to keep them on their toes, and since they kept bitching and griping for another Name Out of the Hat show, I decided this might be kinda fun. I got some seriously shitty looks, but I think they all did great.

Now I can't attest to the specific technicality for this particular show, and obvioulsy can't gripe about "YOU AREN'T SAYING THE CORRECT WORDS, YOUR ARMS ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE, YOUR COSTUME IS MESSED UP...!!!!" etc etc, so I will focus on the fun stuff that we got to see.

Frank- Squiddie. He did fucking fantastic. Squiddie is one of those people that never ever complains about what I ask him to do, and this was no exception. Besides a few "I fucking hate you right now, Leah"s, he did take it pretty well. Good for us that Squiddie always has stuff in his car to take out on a moment's notice, like his tutu, wresting costume, or riddler suit (shudders). He actually knew more than he thought he did, hooray for letting the movie and yelling sink in even when you didn't think it had. His Sweet T was awesome, he owned it. The crowd screamed reeeeally loud for him, because they all know Squiddie as Transie because he just doesn't give a crap about wanting to do anything else. He is a freaking great Transie, too, don't get me wrong, but I loved watching him go through Frank. The gloves were amusing, he had some issues getting those on, like the others. He got to see Reah's boobs (she is an audience member who is awesome) and got humped by all the girls during Fay Wray. Linedance was a nightmare...that was a big clusterfuck because there were 3 people that DIDN'T know it, with each person on the end that did. LOL. All in all, great job by Squiddie. I promise I won't do it again. :)

Janet- Shannon, of course. I just freaking had to do it. Shannon did great, just like I knew she would. It is in her blood. She is great at everything she plays...knows all the words, the motions, the movements, all of it. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed the crowd chanting DSL at her. And the Tank, when Toucha came about, we had to have Animal in there, because it was just the right things to do. She cried, screamed, hit, to no avail. She just gave in at the end and let him have his way with her. It is easier that way, just trust me on that You did great Shannie!

Brad- Danny. I had cast SHANNON as JANET. No explaination is necessary here, I should think. Hee hee hee hee hee (laughs diaboooooolically!!!!!) I had to do it Shannon, I had to!!!

Riff- Amy, because I wanted to see Columbia be creepy and sad and such. She had all her costumes starting from backwards to forwards, so in the beginning she wore floorshow and in the end it was the main costume...creepy as hell when she came in for Space Scene with a huge red heart cane as the ray gun....looked like a demented Willy Wonka Bride on crack. The spotlights were all shiny, it was creepy as shit! (shudders...) But Amy always puts so much effort into the theme shows and performances, I knew it would be nothing less that great with her. :)

Magenta- Saturn obviously needed this role, just because I like to watch him mince around. He is the gayest completely straight man I have ever met! It really is impressive how he has the entire freaking movie memorized, like every freaking character. I guess that is what happens when you are spoon fed RHPS when you are 4, huh? LOL. He was so cute, in his little white apron! :)

Columbia- James. In a top hat and pink sequined bow tie. My God, it was hysterical. Floorshow was just delightful, I love it when he shakes his ass at the audience. For a big white boy, James has a hell of a hitch in his stride, you know it?!?!? He did awesome too, just like I knew he would. I loved the boa bit. And Lesbian Scene. Just priceless. Kickline was terrible. It is a wonder no one died. lol

Dr. Scott- Cody. I just wanted to see him confined to the wheelchair and listen to him bitch about it. :) He was a football player this show, which made it even funnier. He and Animal (and someone else, I am sure) had the great idea to have him run down there to start, like a normal walking person, and then throw a football and tackle see where this is going....and then he ended up in the wheelchair. Well, it was a good hit, and I know it had to freaking hurt, because I heard it from the back of the theatre, and saw him crumble. Cody is a big guy, too...that crap hurt!

Rocky- Limey Love. I had to do it, because she has known Rocky forever and just never really got a chance to play it. I was so happy I did so, too, because then she wore the little white lace bra and sortof panties sortof skirt set that is so hot. I was like, yay, she is naked! It made all of us happy. People were turning their heads sideways to get to see. It amused me. And when she got covered in glitter, coincidentally I also got covered in glitter. It was glorious! She did very well, as always. Her floorshow was great. LOL. She didn't fuck up linedance, which was also good...had to keep a couple of them in there! Hee hee...

Eddie- Jen, I had to do it. She gave me such an eat shit look, too, it was great. With her being with Preston, how could she NOT have had a good teacher? LOL. Anyway, she was almost dead on through all of it, I was proud of her. She makes the best faces when she is trapped and can't get away (i.e. James as Columbia, licking her hand). It makes me happy. And we saw her ass not once, but twice. I was told that the audience was centered on her spotlit rear as she ran down the aisle trying to hold up her pants and the motorcycle at the same time. Oh how amusing it was. I enjoyed it, and I think the rest of us did as well.

Crimmie- Halo! She did a FINE job, once she calmed the hell down! lol. I told her, I don't expect you to know it, just go through it as you can! :) She was all nervous, for no reason at all...she did fine. That's fine, just fine. It was fine. (Yes Saturn I am poking at you just a little bit.) By the middle of the movie she was making up her own lines, and being molested, which was good. It needed to happen!

My Transies of Doom!!! I love them! They were having as much fun as any of the rest of us! I love Transieing because you have all this freedom of expression that you otherwise don't have with a core character. I love my Transies because although they may not be "screen accurate" per se (I don't like to force that on everyone, sometimes ya need a little freedom), they sure as hell have their own personalities and tear up the stage better than any other Transies I have ever seen, like anywhere. Tonight was no exception, seeing as it was the end of the year and there were lots of funky costumes going on. I always like seeing what people come up with to wear, it makes me happy. Kate was one of my favorites...she came pregnant. She asked what should she wear because she hasn't been here, and I obviously said "pregnant", because she WAS. There were "OOOHs" and "OOOOOOUUCH" and all that, but half the shit I say I really don't mean to be insulting, I just can't stop my mouth from saying what is on my mind or what is the truth. She was pregnant. LOL. THUS, she donned a fire outfit and a fake belly! IT WAS FANTASTIC! I loved it! And Marc was a greaser, Wes was just...well, Wes, and tied to someone (a'la Tied to a Bastard show), and Fish had Reah chained to him. Most of my other girls just looked slutty, which was fine with me, because we all need to show off the goods when we can! :) I think we all had a lot of fun this show, and they sure beat the hell out of each other this time. That is how you know they have fun. LOL.

My Techies, I really have to say, never get mentioned all that much, but are very much the backbone of the show. Without Tech, it wouldn't be shit. Certain people rotate for Spots, Board, Grip, etc., so I can't really say specifics. BUT, just know that Techies are awesome and they need love too. Well, ask first. Then love.

All in all, GREAT SHOW! Wonderful end of year. I look forward to another year with my BASTARDS. Be looking for upcoming shows on the website and the yahoo/myspace groups!

Love you all,

Madame Leah :)

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