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Dec 27th

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Jan 30

Gwen's Corner

Show report for Saturday October 20th

Report by Shannon

Show Report. A time for me to relate the events of a nights show in as vivid detail as I can recall. Unfortunantly I tend to have the memory of swiss cheese (full of holes) so you, the faithful reader, will have to do with patchy writing. Much like the examples you'll find at We had virgin games. Daniel made the girls do poo into you with, former cast member, James in the middle. I don't know who technically won, but James was pretty happy. At least, he was until Leah faced the audience and flashed them so that James couldn't see. Much happiness for the audience
though. Josh made me injure myself. I punched him. But that's okay.

The big announcement for the night was Cody's first time as Frank. YAY! I would like to go on the record as saying he did pretty good! I didn't see a lot of problems and I don't think Saturn did either. But, I'm not a Frank and wouldn't know. Daniel was feeling nauseous, so Leah played Riff. YAY. Show was business as usual. Cody did a great Sweet T. The thing that
amused us the most, the whole night, was Wes. Now, we love Wes. Okay. I love Wes and I'm sure other cast members have strong feelings of "like" for him (even if he IS an asshole sometimes)...where was I going with this...oh yea. Okay. So we at least LIKE him. But we torture the poor boy. I don't think he's gotten through one tank scene without the Janet leaving him and the boys taking over. Anyways. We're mean to him. But this time...he did it his damn self. So they were unwrapping him and it was slow going. They couldn't get the leg wrap off in time and Gillian gave up and went to unwrap his waist. Some how Wes got the great idea to try and unwrap his leg while she did his waist and the resulting hilarity is he ends up more tangled than before since he got his leg wrap tied up in the
waist wrap. It was AWESOME. I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile. Leah and Bizah for elbow sex is hot. Use your imaginations. You know it's true. OH! And very much impressed with Cody. He's never worn heels before that night. He didn't even BUY his heels for Frank until 6 hours before the show. And he ran! After Halo. After Wes! And didn't FALL. So much love and respect for him on that. I can barely walk barefoot without falling. Anywho. So really that's about it.

We have one more special show. October 31st at 10pm at the Ridgmar. It's our Annual Halloween Show (as opposed to Christmas...thought it WOULD be funny to have a Christmas show on halloween...uhm...yea. Anywho) As far as I know there will be a Audience Costume Contest so you had all better dress up!!!
See ya'll in the funny pages!

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