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The Inwood Theatre

Sept 27

Oct 31

Nov 1


• Have a venue in mind which you think might want to host the Bastards and Rocky Horror?
08.25.2014 update by Madame Leah

Please email me direct so we can get this going! The season of Rocky is almost upon us, so I want to make sure these venues have a chance to speak to us before our schedule is all filled up!

Thanks all - have a fantastic week!!

Love to all of you ~ Madame Leah


• 2 show reports are up!
08.24.2014 update by Madame Leah

Check out Gwen's Corner! :)


08.13.2014 update by Canadian Dave

We have more shows coming to keep you entertained while facing the horrors of a new school year.

Aug 23 at the Inwood Theatre
Sept 27 at the Inwood Theatre

Remember how the July show was sold out and you couldn't buy a ticket at the door, well folks, YOU can buy your tickets in advance online! click the link



08.13.2014 update by Canadian Dave

did you know LB has an online store now? check it out, buy some merch, send us photos of you wearing it!

Los Bastardos Web Store


• More show reports are up! And...wading my way through applications for cast... :)
06.21.2014 update by Madame Leah

I finally got on here and rambled some about some of the shows we had recently. More to come! There are some website changes underway so please be patient with us. If you have any questions please email me at

Also, thanks everyone for emailing about joining - I am working my way through the emails and will reach out to you soon!! :)

SO excited!

Madame Leah


• Show report from A-Kon is UP, and we need BOYS!
06.15.2014 update by Madame Leah

Read and enjoy! More show details coming out soon. Working on some exciting new pre-shows and training new performers for your benefit!

We are also looking at adding more peeps to cast - really need some gentlemen if any of you are interested. Female parts are all currently full as of Friday. Thanks all, for your interest!

Email me for joining!


• Still looking for that PHP person. ;)
05.27.2014 update by Madame Leah

Just saying.


• Joint show with Los Bastardos and Amber Does Dallas
05.02.2014 update by Madame Leah

Just had a meeting with Ali and Angelyn of ADD and am REALLY pumped! Cannot wait for the show on May 9th at the Lakewood! ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE!

This is the first time the casts will be onstage together, ever. Should be a blast! More to come!


04.22.2014 update by Canadian Dave

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this weekend, Los Bastardos brings to you, not one, but TWO GREAT OPPORTUNITIES TO SEE US.

first up-Saturday Night, April 26th at 9pm we will be performing at the Texas Burleqsue's Vegas Showgirls themed burlesque show.

But tickets to Texas Burlesque SHOWGIRLS

After that, we will be returning to the Inwood Theatre for our regular MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. this will be a show you dont want to miss.

Buy Tickets for The Rocky Horror Picture Show here


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