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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

October 07


October is what we Rocky people call "Hell month" because we are always so damned busy with 50 different shows outside of our regular shows, and many, many other things to keep us occupied, like the cold and starting to get sick and all that other stuff. This month, I have decided that Jennifer gets the honor of Bastard of the Month because she is one of the best sellers that I have ever seen, and this month she kicked total ass selling prop packs to the swelling and over-sexed audiences. (Sounds kinda kinky, doesn't it?) She is one of the Transie Nazis, that is to say that she is one of the trainers of our newbies, and gets them ready for the beatings and abuse that they will most certainly get when rushing for cast. She doesn't bullshit around most of the time, and I appreciate that. If she doesn't like something, she says it (which we all know). She is dependable, does what she needs to do, and doesn't argue about stupid things. She is a hard worker for LB, and I really appreciate that. We love her. Don't hug her though, she really might stab you.

  • Fall 10 Lyndi
  • Summer 10 Nuggett
  • Spring 10 Sean
  • Winter 09 Marc
  • Fall 09 Shannon
  • Summer 09 Eris
  • Spring 09 Pete
  • Winter 08 Kirk
  • Fall 08 Mary
  • Summer 08 Donna
  • Spring 08 Squiddie
  • Winter 07 Starman Matt
  • November 07 Tora
  • October 07 Jennnnnnn
  • September 07 Josh
  • August 07 Squiddie
  • July 07 Charles
  • June 07 Wolf
  • May 07 Wes
  • April 07 Cody
  • March 07 Halo
  • February 07 Emily
  • January 07 Mike
  • December 06 The Globe
  • November 06 Ammanda
  • October 06 Mr. Saturn
  • September 06 Limey
  • August 06 Kate
  • July 06 Robert
  • June 06 Danny
  • May 06 Katie
  • April 06 English
  • March 06 Fred

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