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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Fall 10


Lyndi Lou is one of the people who I can always count on to be there, to be there on time, and to be there with bells on. Even when she doesn’t feel well or has an exam the next morning, or has 15,000 other things on her plate, she is always there and always completely dedicated to what she is doing in the moment. She is one of my favorite people to watch onstage because she is small and so powerful…I love the way she makes even a little smile change the whole demeanor of the character! She is definitely an audience favorite, too. When someone tells me they can’t buy a prop pack from me because they have to buy it from Lyndi, well…you can’t beat that! She is a trooper and I love her theme show costumes and her training of the newbies. She always has her stuff together and I never have to gripe at her for lack of effort, which is appreciated. She deals with anything the cast dishes out, and has the good sense to use her head before she talks. She is one of the better Columbias I have ever seen, and soon…if we ask her VERY nicely…she will start stripping. Help me here, people. See Lyndi naked!!!! Tell her you love her!!!

  • Fall 10 Lyndi
  • Summer 10 Nuggett
  • Spring 10 Sean
  • Winter 09 Marc
  • Fall 09 Shannon
  • Summer 09 Eris
  • Spring 09 Pete
  • Winter 08 Kirk
  • Fall 08 Mary
  • Summer 08 Donna
  • Spring 08 Squiddie
  • Winter 07 Starman Matt
  • November 07 Tora
  • October 07 Jennnnnnn
  • September 07 Josh
  • August 07 Squiddie
  • July 07 Charles
  • June 07 Wolf
  • May 07 Wes
  • April 07 Cody
  • March 07 Halo
  • February 07 Emily
  • January 07 Mike
  • December 06 The Globe
  • November 06 Ammanda
  • October 06 Mr. Saturn
  • September 06 Limey
  • August 06 Kate
  • July 06 Robert
  • June 06 Danny
  • May 06 Katie
  • April 06 English
  • March 06 Fred

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