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Parts Regularly Played: Frank Transie Rocky TankToucha
Rocky birthday:
(First time seeing it in a theater)
February 23rd, 2008
First time seeing the movie: When I was nine. I had the most badass babysitter ever!
Best Rocky Memory: Saturn Proposing to Halo. Thats how I want to be proposed to.
Met any Rocky celebrities? No...
Been on a cast before this one? Nope.
Sex: I'll supply the Gas mask and Duct Tape.
Birthday: 01-18-1988
Marital/Dating Status: I think I'm single, but I'm not sure...
Children: Are tasty...
Real-Life Occupation: Meat stocker at Wal-mart
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Lawn Mower. Not one of the greasy mexicans that do the lawn mowing, but an actual Lawn Mower.
Funny question: No. I prefer to prepare for the attack of Zombie Jesus every year.
Hobbies: Video games, Magic, Rocky, Spelunking, Harassing Movie-goers, and accidentally sleeping with under-age girls.
Turn-Ons: Gas-masks, bunnys, Tape, two X chromosomes, Traps, Pyramid Head, Katamaris, The companion Cube, and Russian accents.
Turn-Offs: Nigras, Guro, Furries, hearing the shithead that lives in my apartment and his STD ridden fuckbuddy laugh, and Mushrooms.
Music Recomendations: Modest Mouse, Of Montreal, The Flaming Lips, Beck, The White Stripes.
Website Recommendations: www.
Favorite Quote(s): Life is a disease; sexually transmitted and Fatal. -Neil Gaiman
Anything Else?: Fuck. Did I forget something? I hate it when things like this come up. My mind just goes Blank! Like if you were to ask me where I wanted to eat. Or what I do for fun. Or where do the goldfish I forget to feed go after I flush them down the toilet. Ohh Goldie!!! I loveded you!!

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